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Highlights of new features of the current version.

What's New

Feature Update 1.2.2 - 4 Nov 2020

This release features some new features and additional polishing and bug fixing. See the details of this and other recent feature changes and bug fixes below and also in the notes for the previous release.

New features:

  • Word alignment support for study lists. Stay tuned for more details.
  • New dictionary audio manager page.
  • Dictionary now supports multiple audio files per word.
  • Updated to new Google Translate API.


  • Fixed some problems with the word run editing.

Known bugs not fixed yet:

  • The JTLanguage Survival Phrases and Vocabulary courses have some missing media files, and the automated translations need fixing, to put it mildly.
  • On all versions, sometimes the audio for a study item cuts off early. It seems to be an HTML thing.
  • In the mobile versions, there's no way to select audio in the Record and Map Media pages in the audio visualization.

Past Feature Updates

Click here to see past feature updates.

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