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Using the Extract Import/Export Format


The "Extract" format is for "extracting" study list content from an existing study list in the case of exporting, or from an input block of text in the case of importing.

At present, it only supports extracting sentences. But the original idea was for it to extract words too. An addition option still to come is to have it extract words too. This is a little more complicated, as detecting word boundaries in languages that don't use spaces consistently requires other means, such as using a dictionary to look up the longest matching word run. A prior incarnation of JTLanguage actually had this, and this will be coming soon.

Yet another option coming is to have the extraction only save study items that haven't been seen in prior lessons, with respect to the order of the current lesson in the course. This creates the possibility of creating a course originating from blocks of text in the target language, such that you can then study the unique words and sentences extracted from the text.

Still another option to come is to let you use this import mechanism at the course or lesson level, breaking up the extracted text into smaller chunks and creating multiple lessons or study lists.

Extracting Sentences from Text Content Items

Say you have a text item with some paragraphs in it, in which the paragraphs might have multiple sentences. You want to extract the sentences from the paragraphs and copying them to a Sentences study list. To do so using the Extract format mechanism, go to the Text study list page. Click on the "Export" link at the bottom. The Export page will appear.

Select the "Extract" format from the "Select format" drop-down menu field.

Check the "Extract sentences" checkbox, and set the "Sentences target key name" to the name of the study list you want to extract and copy the sentences to.

If you only want a portion of the paragraphs to be used in the extraction, check the associated checkboxes for the desired paragraphs.

Extract page
The Extract export page.

Then click "Export". The sentences will be extracted an copyied to the target study list.


Stay tuned for further development in this area.

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