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JTLanguage Videos for LDS Missionaries

This videos introduce JTLanguage using content imported from the lessons in chapter 3 of the church publication "Preach My Gospel" (and protected with a package code because of the copyright).

JTLanguage Flyby for LDS Missionaries

Flyby introduction to JTLanguage in the context of the LDS “Preach My Gospel” content. (Length: 00:04:30) The script (comments enabled).

JTLanguage for LDS Missionaries

Detailed introduction to JTLanguage in the context of the “Preach My Gospel” content. This video demonstrates most of the key features, but doesn’t try to go into much depth except for those that are the most important, like the Text Study Tool and the Flash Tool. But this is the video that should really give you an idea of what JTLanguage is about, and might be enough to also serve as kind of a user’s guide, with references to some of the additional help files and videos that are available that are more how-to oriented. It has a table of contents in the YouTube description for jumping to specific parts. (Length: 01:24:33) The script (comments enabled).

Setting Up JTLanguage for LDS Missionaries

This video walks you through setting up a JTLanguage account, languages, user profiles, installing the phone apps, navigating the website and phone apps, and dealing with practical issues on the mobile app versions, such balancing the large media size and mobile device storage. (Length: 00:23:57) The script (comments enabled).

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