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Welcome to JTLanguage.


Welcome to JTLanguage, a free cooperative web site for learning and teaching languages.

This is a place you can come to learn or to teach any language representable on a computer. By "cooperative", I mean that all the learning content is provided by users who would like to help to teach a language. I provide the technology in the form of this web site, but I depend upon the generosity of users like yourself who are or want to be language teachers to sign up and create lessons.

To explore all the features of this site, you need to register, so the site can store your study data. Use the "Register" link at the upper right. Registration is free and easy. You can explore the lessons without registering, but you won't be able to use the study mechanisms.

To select the languages you want this web site to show, please go to the Languages page.

Please do send me your comments, bug reports, and suggestions via the Forums or Contact pages.